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Calgary Game Development Courses For the Youth of the Future

Calgary Game Developers Academy For Youths ltd. (CGday™) is an after-school program designed to empower the imaginative minds of young people. CGday™ helps to channel a passion for video game play into a desire for innovation. With a focus on teaching Calgary's youth how to use complex 3D software and tools, our S.T.E.M based curriculum equips students with technical, practical, and collaborative skills that prepare them for diverse career opportunities in today’s technology-driven society.

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Game Design Courses Provide A Positive & Unique Learning Environment

Do you ever wish that your child would channel the energy spent playing video games into something more productive? Do you want your children to have more meaningful interactions with their peers? So do we, in fact, that’s precisely how CGDAY™ began. We believe in providing youth with a safe and fun social environment and a learning opportunity that utilizes their interest in video games and technology. In Calgary, coding for kids is an increasingly significant field that offers children the opportunity to learn essential skills that will benefits them in their future careers and hobbies. At Calgary Game Developers, we also offer game design courses that teach productive and useful life skills such as teamwork, networking and creativity. We want teens to emerge from our game development programs better prepared for their futures, with a unique appreciation for innovation and creativity. At CGDAY™, it’s not just about developing games; it’s about developing the youth of the future.

Why Choose CGDay

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Unreal Game Engine

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3D Modeling Tools

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hardware provided

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Professional Game Developer Instructor

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15 years experience

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Industry Certifications Provided

Marcel Burca

Experience the game development process using industry standard tools!

CGDAY was founded with one key objective: provide a social setting for youths and utilize their interest in video games to create a learning experience which will provide useful skills for their future and set them up for success!



The best solutions come from working together. CGDAY™ provides unique opportunities for students to learn the vital skills of sharing and collaboration.


We aim to promote the individuality and creativity of our students. With the rapid growth of technology, the youth of today’s generation will be entering into a different and diverse job force. Encouraging these skills at an early age will prepare students to be adaptable beyond the classroom and into their careers in an exciting new era.


Tech literacy is an essential skill required for succeeding in the world today. CGDAY™ prepares your child for the future by using the latest and most advanced technological tools and design software. The skills our students practice at CGDAY™ enable them to think critically and analytically to design and develop something they love.


CGDAY™ fosters an environment where technical skills can be learned and lifelong friendships can be created and flourish. We aim to grow the social development of young people by offering a fun and welcoming learning environment for all.


Exciting Game Design Coding Courses For Kids in Calgary

If you’re looking for a great after-school activity for your youth and teens, CGDAY™ is the place to be. Our classes cater to a demographic of youth and young adults ranging in ages from 9 to 18. However, our private courses can be customized for students of any age and with varying degrees of ability.  In our technology-driven society, game development courses are becoming increasingly useful and significant. Our Calgary game development curriculum will prepare youth for diverse career opportunities with technical, practical and collaborative skills. Armed with the abilities and knowledge they already have, youth will learn creative problem solving, critical and analytical thinking, project planning, and time management skills. We also teach coding to kids in Calgary, a skill that will certainly benefit any youth looking ahead to a career in computer development or IT. Your child may also gain an increased appreciation for and understanding of mathematics, science and physics. Game development in Calgary is a unique and exciting opportunity for your teens.

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