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Gift-giving is hard enough, but when you add trying to navigate through all the new options in technology and gaming it can be quite daunting. That’s why we created this list of some great gift ideas that we know any gamer would love.

  1. Mobile Gaming System for Android

Skip the expensive gaming console and take advantage of the power of the smartphone! Turn your Android into a mobile gaming unit with wireless, Bluetooth gaming controllers. These controllers can enhance and give you more control of your smartphone games. Plus, they include rechargeable lithium batteries. Interested? Check out the Baigeda Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller

  1. Gaming Headset

If you’re a non-gamer you may be thinking ‘Gaming headset? What’s wrong with some good ol’ earbuds?’, but when you’re playing a game that requires headphones many features or lack-thereof can hinder the experience. Things to look for in great gaming headsets:

  • Great surround sound
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • Clear microphone

Need help picking the right headset? Have a look at the Best Gaming Headsets in 2017.

  1. Gaming Chair

Speaking of enhancing the gaming experience, ever hear of a video gaming chair? Gaming chairs like the X Rocker Pro H3 Video Gaming Chair include speakers for immersive surround sound, vibration motors that sync with the bass tones of the game, and padded headrests. Not only are these great for gameplay, but would do just fine for watching TV, reading and more.

  1. Super Mario Bros. Pipe Mug

People LOVE mugs that speak to them. Speak to the gamer in your life with this fun Level-Up Pipe Mug by Nintendo.

  1. Thrustmaster Racing Wheel

If you saved up all the money you’ve spent at arcades playing racing games, you’d be surprised how many of these you could buy. Feel like you’re in the Fast and Furious movies with Thrustmaster Racing Wheels. And if you’ve ever wanted to own a Ferrari you can get kind-of close with this Thrustmaster Ferrari Racing Wheel.

  1. Nintendo Switch

Play in TV mode. Play in handheld mode. Play together. These are just some of the features of the new Switch console by Nintendo. The Switch combines a tablet, two controllers, and more to make a transforming console you can play in many forms and places. Just check out some of the ways you can play!

  1. PS4 Pro

This new console is described as “the best of the best”. This is likely because of its awesome features like:

  • 4K gaming and entertainment
  • High Dynamic Range of intensely vibrant colours
  • Double the speed of the standard PS4

Yup, we’d take one and we bet the gamer in your life would too!

  1. LED TV/Monitor Backlight

Other than the fact that these backlights look super cool, they can also relieve eye-strain and headaches especially if your gamer likes playing in the dark. These also come in many colours to choose from and a selection of brightness modes.

  1. Super NES Classic Edition

A good ol’ blast from the past can make the best gifts – especially if they include
21 pre-loaded favorites. Give your gamer the chance to play the classics again, like Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Starfox, Street Fighter and more! The Super NES Classic Edition takes the original design and makes it even better with modern features like high speed and rewind features

  1. PlayStation VR

Sure, great headsets, chairs, and controllers can enhance the game, but why not feel like you’re in the game. This is why virtual reality is taking the world by storm; you can take fantasy stories of your game and make them feel real. Designed to be balanced and comfortable, your gamer will feel completely immersed in the game, making you the best gift-giver ever.


  1. CGday Gift Card!

Have a young gamer in your life? Take their gaming skills to the next level, get them off the couch and into the creative world of video game design by signing them up for an educational design class!

Test drive CGday’s classes or events by purchasing any one of our gift cards as a Christmas gift this year and get a pass to one of our Fortnite Every Fortnight events! This offer ends on December 21st, 2018.

We hope this helps with your holiday shopping!
Have any more video game gift ideas? Tell us in the comments below!
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