5 Game Development Jobs You Need To Know About

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Most people who take part in video game development in Calgary want to create and make their own video games. But there is more to being a video game developer than just “wanting to make your own game”. There are plenty of jobs available in this field, the problem is, a lot of people don’t know where to start or what game development jobs are available to them.


Five Essential Game Development Jobs You Should Aspire To Have


1. Game Designers

Perhaps the dream job for kids taking up a game design course in Calgary, a game designer’s role is to come up with the concepts that become the video games. They are the leaders who focus on all aspects of the game, including the storyline, the characters, and the development of creating the video game.


2. 3D Artists

For any game to be visually appealing, the 3D Artist will need to create stunning 2D & 3D objects from source material, such as original concept art, real-world references, photo reference, or their own creative minds. Artists are an essential component in the production of AAA quality video games which require endless attention to detail, lighting, texture & material creation, and the ability to adapt to any style a publisher throws at them. This ensures shipped titles provide you, the user, the highest visual quality possible.


3. Software Developer

The final step of a video game is to incorporate the game designers’ visions and creations into the final products. Software developers are responsible for making sure the games work as the designers expect them too, creating the code for it, so it works fluidly.


4. AI Programmer

Yes, don’t be alarmed, but with many modern-day games, artificial intelligence is used. The job of the AI Programmer is to develop a system where opponents or enemies in the game can act on their behalf – based on specific roles. It is one of the more active roles in the video game industry. It takes years to make it, but getting started in a game design course can help you.


5. Animators

You need to bring your games to life and do that, and you need animators and artists to do so. No, they won’t be drawing on paper (well at the start they might), but will be using specialized software to create the pictures that form the images of the video itself! Exciting stuff!


If you want to get into the exciting world of creating video games, then undertaking a game design course in Calgary is your best bet. It will get your heads and hands into the vital component of making video games – and kickstarting an exciting career!

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