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The next generation will have the ability to make an impact on our society by finding out ways to create and innovate with the use of their creative and curious minds. It has been proven that interaction with video games increases the creativity of children and as such, there is a trend toward video games being used as an educational tool as opposed to associating them toward negative connotations.

Technology driven education can help kids rediscover a joy for learning and their natural creativity that may not be attainable in the typical classroom environment. With exposure to new digital skills such as learning 3D Software and subjects like Design & Technology, students are able to reach their full potential by unleashing their inner creativity. With the right mindset and attitude towards learning and innovative thinking, they can adapt to solving real-life problems they encounter every day. Equipped with the knowledge and usage of advanced technology today, they will be able to create and invent much more efficiently within a shorter timeframe.

Schools are increasingly making use of education through technology to aid in their teaching. There are many benefits to video-game and technology based learning for children including some of the following:

It encourages creativity in an environment where it is alright to make mistakes

In a video game design classroom environment, children are encouraged to use trial and error methods, explore and accept the fact that it is alright to make mistakes. They are able to indulge in the entire creative process without fear or judgement and do not feel intimidated by the need to outdo their peers, but can focus on developing their own unique designs.

It pumps up their self-confidence and empowerment

The process of mastering design skills can also give children confidence as upon successfully developing their projects, they will be able to feel a sense of satisfaction completing the projects and enough confidence to share their creations with others.

It strengthens their problem-solving skills

In a game design teaching environment, children are encouraged to develop their problem-solving abilities.From the stages of conceptualization, to development, to finalization, children are placed in  an environment where they are encouraged to use their own imagination to create an environment from scratch. This prepares them for the future as they can then be independent-thinkers and develop efficient and effective skills in resolving their own issues.

Children will have a fun, interactive experience at creating

Having a hands-on approach on things and working with their peers as oppose to merely reading and absorbing from textbooks, children will be able to digest knowledge better.

It nurtures cognitive and analytical development

Whether they are creatively inclined or more analytical, the discipline required in game design applies to both. A creative mind to conceptualize, and yet, an analytical one to solve the problems they encounter in the creating process is key.

It helps prepare children for their future careers

By taking up design and technology based classes in advance, children will gain an advantage over other  children in certain industries which require advanced tech skills such as art & design and engineering. Children who love designing using professional software might be able to discover their passion in life early on, and this would help them get a head start in their future careers.

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