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Game Development & The Science Behind Playing Video Games

There is a lot of scientific facts that are behind the nature of playing video games. More significantly, there is a scientific aspect in which playing video games can improve your mental state and your brain’s capacity. Game development studies show that these following benefits occur when kids play video games: It Can People Overcome Their Dyslexia There has been some research conducted that highlights that people with dyslexia can overcome their condition. How does this happen? Because the changing environments in video games mean that they have to maintain their focus, and over time, it will improve their reading comprehension. Memory Can...

5 Game Development Jobs You Need To Know About

Most people who take part in video game development in Calgary want to create and make their own video games. But there is more to being a video game developer than just "wanting to make your own game". There are plenty of jobs available in this field, the problem is, a lot of people don’t know where to start or what game development jobs are available to them.   Five Essential Game Development Jobs You Should Aspire To Have   1. Game Designers Perhaps the dream job for kids taking up a game design course in Calgary, a game designer’s role is to come up with the concepts that become...

What Courses Should You Take if You Want to Be a Game Designer

If you’re interested in getting a career in game design you may be wondering what kind of classes can help get you started. Here’s a brief look at the courses you should take if you want to be a game designer. Computer Science for Game Development Learning how computers work, how to make them do what you want, and the constraints of working with them are crucial for game development in Calgary. Classes on algorithms, computer science theory, and practical programming are great options to give you that insider information to create fluid games.  Art, Design, and 3D Modelling Game Design Courses Expanding your artistic abilities with art classes...

The Role of Children in the World of Advancing Technology

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