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5 Reasons to Enroll Your Children in a Game Design Course

Do you ever wish your children spent less time playing video games? Do you wish there was a way to harness that attention and focus to make it useful? Now there is! Learning how to design and develop games gives children a fun and productive outlet for their interest. Check out these five reasons to enroll your children in game design courses. A Game Design Course Teaches Relevant Skills Memorizing lists of facts is quickly becoming outdated in a world where you can look up the answer almost instantly. Technical skills can help children succeed in the digital age, and learning these skills through game development in...

The Benefits of Game Development Education For Youth

Video games often get a bad rap, but they can be beneficial to young people. Games can help children develop life skills or supplement what they learn in the classroom. But there’s another way that video games can be helpful: they can encourage innovation and computer skills through game design. Check out these benefits of game development in Calgary for youths. A Game Design Course Teaches Useful Skills Turn the love of video games, that drives you crazy, into something productive with game design courses. Young people have the opportunity to learn collaborative, technical, and practical skills in a fun, safe environment. Designing and building gaming...

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There are misconceptions about video game play that lead to many gamers facing unfair and incorrect scrutiny. Fortunately, in recent studies, experts have taken a closer look and found video game involvement can play “an important part in our cognitive development and improve our ability to learn new things!” At CGDAY, our instructors educate students in video game design, which enables them to develop their creativity and solve challenging problems, encouraging them to think outside the box. The CGDAY environment is welcoming for children and teens to explore their imaginative minds, build friendships, and learn technical skills while having fun. Here are a few more benefits that show the advantages of gaming for kids.  ...

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As we enter into a new year, we get excited to see the statistics and information gathered about gamers from the previous year. Not only does this information show us what needs improving and innovative touches in the gaming world, these stats also give some assurance that digital game development is a stable and bright career path. We researched and gathered our favorite statistics in the infographic below! Find any surprising? Let us know in the comments. https://www.statista.com/statistics/232383/gender-split-of-us-computer-and-video-gamers/ https://www.bigfishgames.com/blog/2017-video-game-trends-and-statistics-whos-playing-what-and-why/ https://kotaku.com/5582781/study-says-kids-likely-to-play-video-game-sports-in-real-life ...

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Gift-giving is hard enough, but when you add trying to navigate through all the new options in technology and gaming it can be quite daunting. That’s why we created this list of some great gift ideas that we know any gamer would love. Mobile Gaming System for Android Skip the expensive gaming console and take advantage of the power of the smartphone! Turn your Android into a mobile gaming unit with wireless, Bluetooth gaming controllers. These controllers can enhance and give you more control of your smartphone games. Plus, they include rechargeable lithium batteries. Interested? Check out the Baigeda Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller Gaming Headset If you’re a...

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The next generation will have the ability to make an impact on our society by finding out ways to create and innovate with the use of their creative and curious minds. It has been proven that interaction with video games increases the creativity of children and as such, there is a trend toward video games being used as an educational tool as opposed to associating them toward negative connotations. Technology driven education can help kids rediscover a joy for learning and their natural creativity that may not be attainable in the typical classroom environment. With exposure to new digital skills such as learning 3D Software and...