Game Development & The Science Behind Playing Video Games

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There is a lot of scientific facts that are behind the nature of playing video games. More significantly, there is a scientific aspect in which playing video games can improve your mental state and your brain’s capacity.

Game development studies show that these following benefits occur when kids play video games:

  • It Can People Overcome Their Dyslexia
    There has been some research conducted that highlights that people with dyslexia can overcome their condition. How does this happen? Because the changing environments in video games mean that they have to maintain their focus, and over time, it will improve their reading comprehension.
  • Memory Can Be Improved
    Due to the quick-thinking required of games, as well as the essential aspects of remembering how to play, such as what to do in certain situations, playing video games can improve a player’s memory. The more they play, the more they have to remember – which will enhance their memory in everyday life.
  • Stress Can Be Reduced
    Yes, there is the chance that playing video games obsessively will make you stressed – especially when you die or fail for the hundredth time. But overall studies have shown that players that played over six months end up reducing their heart rate and adrenaline response by over 50%. It seems video games can help reduce stress.  
  • Your Decision-Making Skills Will Be Faster
    Due to the fast-paced nature of games, players end up being quicker with their reactions. Not only will they be fast while playing their games, but their decision-making in everyday life will be quicker than ever.
  • It Can Help Curb Cravings
    There is this perception that people that play video games are overweight, unfit and smoke all the time. But, when it comes to their cravings – such as smoking, binge eating and more – due to concentration on playing games, players curb their cravings. A university study revealed a 24% reduction in their desires after playing games.

Be Part Of The Creation With A Game Design Course In Calgary

Getting a firsthand look at how video games are created – instead of playing them – will help open up the creativity of your kids’ minds. Enrolling them in a game design course in Calgary could be the start of them improving their brainpower!

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