Video games can be an incredible aid in our future development! Participating in our courses at CGDAY is not only a great way to learn more about the world of video game development, but they also offer you the chance to better solve complex problems, be more social with like-minded individuals, unleash your creativity and find out more about the history and ancient cultures around the world!

Each of our CGDAY Monsters signifies an aspect of the type of education you’ll find in our courses!

Meet The CGday™  Monsters












TEAMWORK: The best solutions come from working together. CGDAY™ provides unique opportunities for students to learn the vital skills of sharing and collaboration.

DESIGN: We aim to promote the individuality and creativity of our students. With the rapid growth of technology, the youth of today’s generation will be entering into a different and diverse job force. Encouraging these skills at an early age will prepare students to be adaptable beyond the classroom and into their careers in an exciting new era.

NETWORKING: CGDAY™ fosters an environment where technical skills can be learned and lifelong friendships can be created and flourish. We aim to grow the social development of young people by offering a fun and welcoming learning environment for all.

CREATIVITY: Tech literacy is an essential skill required for succeeding in the world today. CGDAY™ prepares your child for the future by using the latest and most advanced technological tools and design software. The skills our students practice at CGDAY™ enable them to think critically and analytically to design and develop something they love.



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