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Terms & Conditions


Applicants must be between the ages of 9-18 at the time they are taking the course.

Applicants must have the capability to read and write English or be enrolled in ESL.

Applicants must have the ability to memorize simple formulas & instructions

By enrolling with CGDAY, Parents & Applicants agree to the following terms:

Student agrees not to copy, distribute, publish, or sell any handouts provided by the instructor.


Please note that failure to observe the following could result in suspention from activities or dismissal.

  1. No bullying, harassment, or any kind of behaviour that may cause harm to yourself or others
  2. Unacceptable behaviour including any verbal or physical abuse of the teacher or other students.
  3. Theft or Destruction of CGday property or the property of others will not be tolerated.
  4. Absolutely no downloading of any software without the approval of a CGday employee. (failure to comply will result in immediate dismissal).
  5. No Food or Drinks allowed at computers.
  6. No Running or Horseplay, this includes rolling chairs around the studio. (This is to prevent injuries & damage to equipment).
  7. Poor Attendance/ Not Attending classes as they have been scheduled.
  8. Just have Fun!

Please see our Child Protection Policy here: CGday_CPP


CGDAY requires a minimum of 2 students to run a class. There are rare times where there are not enough students to run a class.  In this case students will be notified of the canceled class and have the option to take part in a future class.

No refunds will be given 14 days before the first day of class.

Refunds before 14 days of the first day of class will be subjected to a 25% withdrawal fee.